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Communiqué - 1st meeting of the IAF TC Task Force on Auditing Regulatory Compliance (ARC)

On 15th and 16th June 2004 an international task force of experts met in Geneva to examine the relationship between compliance with environmental legal requirements and the auditing of ISO 14001 environmental management systems.  The task force's mission is to produce a white paper on the subject, that may become an input into the current development of the International Standard on management systems certification , and be the basis for enhanced International Accreditation Forum (IAF) guidance on ISO/IEC Guide 66.  In addition the white paper is expected to clarify expectations of what accredited ISO 14001 certification achieves in terms of regulatory compliance with environmental legislation.
The Technical Committee (TC) of the IAF has established this Task Force on Auditing Regulatory Compliance, and its first meeting was hosted by ISO at the ISO Central Secretariat.  Mr. Greg Hansa, IAF TC member and Global Technical Director, SGS Certification, has been appointed Convenor.  Other members of the task force include auditing experts, environmental professionals, environmental regulators, and individuals from ISO/TC 207 Environmental management and ISO  Committee on conformity assessment (ISO/CASCO).
Over the two days, the task force discussed how a certified ISO 14001 contributes to an organizations achievement of regulatory compliance, and explored the auditing focus and techniques that can be employed when auditing this aspect of ISO 14001.
It is expected IAF TC members at their annual meeting in Cape Town,  October 2004, will consider the task force's work.  Close collaboration is being maintained with ISO/TC 207 and ISO/CASCO.
Further information on the task force can be gained from the IAF Secretariat, at,