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The IAF held its 12th Plenary Meeting in sanctuaw cove

its lst Meeting as a incorporated organization in the state ofDelaware inthe United States of America on September 1998 . The election ofits firstboardofdirectorsaswell as a new Chairman Takashi Ohtsubo from JAB Japan and vice Chairman Thomas Facklam from TGA Germany took place . The Board members are Joe Dunbeck from ANSI RAB representing the accreditation bodies , Marcelo Taboada from OAA representing the emerging accreditation bodies , Ian Day from IIOC representing the certifiers and Dale Misczynski from ITIC representing the industry .
The European co 一operation for Accreditation 一EA , the South African National Accreditation System 一SANAS and The Irish National Accreditation Board 一AB signed and were incorporated to the existing IAF MLA ( M ultilateral Recognition Agreement ) .

At the meeting was approved the budget for 1999 and no change was made to the fee structure . A decision on hiring ofCEO was postponed .

IAF , 5 plenary meeting was attended by 89 delegates and observers from 32 economies , representing 41 accreditation bodies and 10 associate members international organizations . IAF , Inc . consists of 3 1 accreditation bodies and members Who have signed the IAF Memorandum ofUnderstanding ( MOU )
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asl0 The plenary was presented with a draft of guidance for 150 / IEC Guide 65 requirementsfor product certifiers , for consideration and comments by the members . The MLAPolicies and Procedures was revised and was presented to the members for comments . The Terms of Reference of the MLA Management Committee was approved by the plenary . It was mentioned the prCject that 15 being developed by LJNDO / 150 / IAF abotlt Pre 一Peer Evaluation , which has been already initiated and 15 of considerable importance fortheemergingaccreditationbodies .
IAF approved a resolution to investigate and develop proposals for the deepening ofe 劝sting MLA ' 5 frolll recognition ofequivalence to acceptance of specific results .

It was mention by the Chair that the IAF , Inc . has been accepted by 150 as a Liaison Member in 150 / CASCO , 150 / TC 176 and 150 / TC 207 . It 15 giving consideration as to howIAF , Inc . might take fullest advantage of its new membership as anA 一Liaison Member with the 150 / CASCO they share the same member body in a number ofinstances .

IAF , Inc 15 also considering how it might cooperate more closely WithILAC sincetheysharethe same member body in a number of instances .
The next meeting of the IAF , Inc . Will take place in the last week of September 1999 in Vienna , Atlstria and will be hosted by LJNIDO .