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ISO and IAFs release the ISO 9001:2008 attestation implements announce

For insure approve of, according to the world most extensive applied of quantity management standard ISO of system 9001:2008 of attestation steady transition, the ISO unites with the IAF to announce as follows official gazette:
 ◇ ,such as ISO, is all more than 17000 standard is similar, ISO 9001 also periodically investigate, to insure that document to keep its technique  development level combine decision is to give the confirmation and cancel or revise.
 ◇ ISO 9001:2008 did not include new request, it introduces to declare the ISO 9001:2000 current requests are global 170 nationses to distribute according to it up to the present about the experience of 1,000,000 eight years of certificate, and introduced for the improvement and ISO14001:2004 of consistency draw up the part of the variety.
 ◇ ISO 9001:2008 and/ or the together standard attestation of etc. of the nation only then can grant after ISO 9001:2008(2008 by the end of every year) release formally and through the direct of the normal regulations or again attestation.
 ◇ ISO 9001:2008 release an after year, all attestation( the first time attestation and again attestation) of approbation will according to the ISO 9001:2008 carry out.
 ◇ ISO 9001:2008 release 24 after month, according to the ISO 9001:2000 the current attestation that countersigns should lose efficacy.
◇     ISO 9001:2008 will in 2008 release at the end of every year.Currently, the ISO technique committee( be responsible for the ISO 9000 standard ISO/ TC of clans 176- the quantity management and quality control), just establish some supports document, toward the user explains the ISO 9001:2008 and 2000 versions of the differentiation and the meaning.Once get the approval, these documents may put in the website of ISO in October of 2008.