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ISO has published a new manual to help national standards institutes make the best use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Standards work on the Web: the ISO solutions is aimed in particular at ISO's members from developing countries, who comprise 122 out of its total membership of 160.
ISO is the world's leading developer of International Standards with a current portfolio of more than 17 800. In recent years, ISO has largely moved from paper-based processes for the development of standards to electronic ones. This system now covers an array of diversified electronic and Web-based operations including the ISO Web site, servers for accessing and exchanging information, an electronic balloting system and a Web store.
The new manual provides information, procedures and guidance for national standards institutes to ensure that they are properly equipped and trained to make the most of ICT support for standardization activities, and for contacts and relations within ISO's worldwide system.
In a Foreword to the manual, Alan Bryden, ISO Secretary-General for 2003 to 2008, writes: "One of the key roles of ISO Central Secretariat is the provision of new electronic toolsand services which will facilitate communication between all parties involved in international standardization, and, in particular, those involved in the development of International Standards."
Rob Steele, ISO's new Secretary-General since 1 January 2009, comments: "The publication of Standards work on the Web represents a further action to advance ISO's strategic objective of strengthening the standarization infrastructures of our developing country members. It is a useful addition to already available guidance documents such as My ISO job, Joining in and Fast forward."
Standards work on the Web: the ISO solutions, A5 format, ring binder, is published in English (ISBN 978-92-67-10493-5, 98 pages) and French (ISBN 978-92-67-20493-2, 104 pages) editions. It is available free of charge (fee for postage and handling) from ISO national member institutes (see the complete list with contact details) and from ISO Central Secretariat through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing & Communication department (see right-hand column). It can also be downloaded as a PDF file from ISO Web site.
A comprehensive and multi-faceted perspective on the use of ICT in standardization was provided by the November 2008 issue of ISO Focus magazine on "e-standardization".