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ISO Focus+ – February 2010

The February 2010 ISO Focus+ explores an issue at the very heart of standardization: interoperability.
When interoperability fails, the resulting roadblocks create frustration, impair progress, generate inefficiency and raise costs.
Promoting the ability of products and services to interact with each other by building consensus among stakeholders is one of the key roles of standards – from those for the most basic of parts, like screws, fasteners or rolling bearings, to complex processes, like the standard for the exchange of product data (STEP) used in industrial automation.
Interoperability helps business become more competitive and optimize production processes, but also results in better products and services for consumers, at lower costs.
The February special report highlights some key examples of standards that are facilitating interoperability of products, services, processes and knowledge, such as for financial services or interfaces for universal remote consoles.
Exclusive interview with Sweden’s Minister for Trade
The issue also features an exclusive interview with Sweden’s Minister for Trade, Ewa Björling, who says “I believe that International Standards in general – and their use in technical regulations on products, production methods and services – play an important role in facilitating trade through the promotion of safety, quality and technical compatibility.”
Minister Björling gives her views on the benefits of participating in international standardization, and on standards and developing countries, trade, climate change and social responsibility.
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Jacob Holmblad, Vice-President (technical management)
Standards make the world go around
World Scene
International events and international standardization
Guest Interview
Ewa Björling, Sweden’s Minister for Trade
Special Report
Failure is not an option
A dream… The universal remote console
The challenging world of screw threads
Simple solutions for more transparent financial transactions
Reliable pallets – Carrying world trade on their backs
What you see is what you get – Getting e-communication right
Standardized standards? – The case of the multiple identifiers
Facilitating information and documentation systems in changing times
Data quality – The key to interoperability
Platform for progress – The ISO Concept Database
Interoperability – Does it fit, will it work, and can standards help ?
Planet ISO
News of the ISO system
Consumers focus on financial services
Building confidence in conformity assessment
Standards supporting trade promotion institutions for export success
IT training for developing countries
ISO training 2010
Management Solutions
MSS underpin efforts for safe food supply chains
Portuguese school gives ISO 9001 top marks
Standards in Action
Lockheed Martin boasts big benefits from STEP
Developing “good” standards
New Releases
The risk management toolbox
Tackling environmental challenges with the ISO 14000 family