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1)This search include applying and Certified organization .
2)The appearance that was search have:Applying、Valid、Pause、Expiration.
3)Management system certificate to confirm that it provides the product and the service process assurance capability only, is not to confirm its product conformity.
4)The product certificate confirms the level of technique or safety or other requests that its product attain only, is not all products that the certificate conformity and inspect measure up.
5)Because of the fluctuation reason of the organization oneself, its actual capability of now probably with confirmed the result to have the difference, its difference may be elevated, be also likely to be something to lower.
6)This certificate is a third- party to audit, witness, valuation and accreditation, for the customer, suppliers and relevant demand referenced documents.

Telelearning is Internal auditor training of the MS, after completing the essential profession learning and exercise, through the qualifications that examination is qualified to give to, provide to employ to organization the reference.

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